Fattrout counts whit an excellent equipment to give a pleasant and adventurous fishing day to our customers in the Patagonia.
We have 4x4 vehicles suited for the best and difficult to access best spots.

For floats from river to lakes we count whit boats such as:

  • -2 Cataraft 14”
  • -1 Cataraft 16”
  • -1 semi rigid special Avon for lake 14"
  • -2 Outboard motor

We remind our customers that we comply whit all norms and standards of security.

  • -Live vest.
  • -Rescue ropes.
  • -First aid kits
  • Note: stop didimus, we have cleaning and disinfection gears for the fishing equipment, in order to avoid the spread of didimus and protect our rivers and lakes

    The fishing
    Being Coyhaique our operation center and rally point, we will get to different locations such as:
    Streams, estuaries, clear water rivers, lakes, lagoons, all whit abundant fishing of rainbow and brown trout, for which we recommend to bring different equipment for different types of waters and trout

Recommended equipment:

#4 and #5 rods for small rivers and streams, floating lines.

For bolder fishermen and the time to take a big one, whether whit a streamer or a dry fly bring:
#6 and #7 rods whit floatinf and sinking tip lines, for average 18” trout, whit chances of taking a trophy 23” in the lake and river floats
Fattrout also offers big salmons fishing, for fans of this type of excursion. We keep informed of the best spots where this big fish move in the Patagonia, whit strong currents.
For this we recommend # 8 equipment

For more information about the fishing equipment fly names and types that are best for the Patagonia contact us.